COVID 19 (Second lockdown)

Hi lovelies, I have been considering a blog for a few years now and as I have some time I thought I would start today! The loss of seeing clients daily weighs heavily on my heart, as you know, my business is my love and my clients are my friends and family. Gemma is new to In My Skin and only commenced with us at the beginning of the second lockdown but she has been amazing with keeping you up to date on all things skin on our social media pages. We are busy in the background with many new initiatives to share with you including the recent purchase of the Healite by Lutronic which is a fantastic add on to any treatment or even a stand alone treatment, we have the American Skin Pen device which is nothing short of amazing with technology second to none, our Vitamin IV clinic has already commenced and continues to grow. And sadly many of you know we lost our little therapy dog "Budgie" to cancer a few months ago... And now I would like to introduce "Ivy" she will win all of your hearts and be trained as an emotional support dog to especially support our post cancer clients undergoing areola regimentation.

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